SERF – Drop in alternative to coal


No modification to boiler or plant

Reduced operating costs

Blend up to 100%

Immediate reduction in fossil CO2e

Adapting large scale coal fired power plants to alternative fuels has traditionally been complicated, risky and costly. But Helvellyn Group now offers a simple drop in alternative fuel that can be delivered, stored, milled and fired in the same way as coal.

SERF is specifically designed to mimic the characteristics of  coal allowing for use of the same fuel delivery, preparation and combustion infrastructure, without modification and resulting in the same combustion characteristics, but with a substantial green house gas saving.

Independent assessment of SERF has shown that it will perform better than coal, reducing overall operating cost, with little or no capital expenditure required for adoption.

Our fuel is produced to exacting specifications, which means you can enjoy a constant high energy yield whilst reducing CO2e

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